Book management for Apple (IOS), Android, Windows (UWP) and as a web application.

The app is available as beta!

Starting with Google Play and Microsoft Store, the app will appear in all app stores.

Keep track!

Do you have many books and buy twice?

You do not remember who borrowed which book?

Are you looking for the wrong shelf every time?

Private Books Library helps you. Once you have scanned or submitted, you always have your book list with you and can always check before buying if you already own the book.


Look up or insert books with the ISBN or EAN.

Connection to the German National Library, Amazon and planned also at Thalia.

Works even without a cloud. Registration is not required.

Support is available through the forum

Logging in allows synchronization between all your smartphones, tablets and computers, unfortunately limited by the age of the devices. A guarantee can not be accepted.

Available in-app purchases


Surface and operation

Description of the surface